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Baby set


My stepsister got a baby boy some weeks (actually more like months now…) ago, and I wanted to make him something special. The Jeans are made out of a pair of Magnus` old ones that didn`t fit him anymore. Perfect for baby jeans since they`re worn and soft! The onesie is my first try ever to make one, so I was not so sure that would work out the first time, but it did! I`ve got a picture of him in it, so it even fits 😉 I thought it would be funny to add some details to the jeans from the Onesie-fabric, so it appears to be more of a set. I really like those ooga booga figures! (Also have the fabric in pink…) Here`s pictures of the front and the back of the set. I thought I had picture of the onesie alone to show the nice buttons, but I guess I forgot…IMG_1280 IMG_1281